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10 Significant Difference Of a Post-Collapse World And Now


Author bio: I am John Lewis, a blogger, survivalist and outdoor enthusiast. While I believe that everyone should enjoy their lives doing things they love, being financially, mentally and physically prepared to face challenges that may arise is inevitably important. You can follow me over at Epic Wilderness.


What is a post-collapse world?

A post-collapse world can mean a world that has given way to an economic downturn, grid failure, the arrival of nibiru or even a nuclear war. In this post, I would like to point out that there would be 10 significant differences which you have to understand to get you on the edge while living on the post-collapse world.

Money will be insignificant

Money is basically used to run in our economy because it is accepted widely as a currency to change for physical things. During a post-collapse world, money will be just regarded as paper and it may be something to burn for keeping you warm at best.

Since money will no longer be of any use, what will be significant?

In my opinion, valuable skills such as agriculture, home repair, self-defence, medical skills and cooking would be one of the more valuable currency of a post-collapse world. Other need such as ammo, food, water, electricity and electrical generators, clothing, medical supplies and hands-on tools would be much desired too. Water purification supply and sanitary supplies would be a must-have too.

The skills set one acquires would be different

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As for now, it is imperative that we know about the law, how to market our products and how to make profit for a business. The question would be : Would all of these things still be important if every man has to fight for himself?

After a disaster hit the world, one of the skills like gardening will be really valuable. Gardening would be one of the most effective way to feed ourselves and our family. Since your food supply is limited, this may be your only alternative to make sure you sustain for the long-run.

Construction would be an extremely valuable skill since you have to build your own shelter. Since there may be no handy man to call in the future, it would be great to have this skill if SHTF does come.

Mind-set shift

One skill that will cover all the above survival skills and increase your survival rate if the world does collapse would be to have a paradigm shift to a survival mind-set.

In a post-collapse world, the people are going to make very different decisions than what they have made today and we may do things that we never thought we could do, or we would do for that matter.

At that time, most of our thinking would be based on how to avoid the worse scenarios rather than what we are currently doing, crossing our fingers and hope for the best.


After a tragedy has happened, the law of a country would be highly insignificant as the authorities cannot do anything about people breaking the law for their own survival.

At this rate, weapons and crimes would be part of our everyday life and knowing how to defent yourself, your family, your food and your property are going to be an ongoing struggle especially in the early stages of a post-collapse world.


There would be a shortage of ammo because self-defence would not become a choice but a need. The things you store now such as computers and the stocks you sell would be insignificant. Having food storage would also significantly increase your ability to sustain in a post-collapse world.

Besides just having food storage, it would be even better if you have sufficient knowledge regarding food storage such as what are the food that can keep for a long period and what are the conditions necessary for keeping the food long term. For example, food has to avoid direct sunlight while being in a suitable temperature.

Importance of alternative energy

Wind turbines and water energy should be exploited to produce electrical energy. Since the availability of electrical energy would greatly increase your quality of life, it should be noted that the way to produce electricity should be greatly capitalised.

If you store fuel and gas, it can be used for cooking or you can choose to travel in a car in search for safety. If your house is already fixed up with solar panels and wind mills, you are already considerably further ahead than most preppers.

Besides having the items for energy conversion, it would be best if you would know how the whole thing works so that you can fix the energy convertor when anything goes wrong. Hence, having some knowledge about physics and chemistry will help in this endeavour because you may also choose to optimize the convertor to work for a longer period of time while getting the most used energy out of it.

How you see people

Two situation will happen, either you work together with other people or every man would have to fight for himself. At such a situation, it would really depend on the environment that you live in and the people you will potentially meet. It would require you to be street smart to thrive in the community of a post-collapse world.

It is said that nearly 60 percent of the Americans are now taking at least one prescription drugs. The Journal of the American Medical Association has just released a research that says the numbers of Americans who are taking more than five prescription medications has doubled accounting to about 15 percent of the adult population.

Since there are so many people dependant on drugs, they would definitely post a threat in the post-collapse world. When medical supplies are cut and drug supplies are low, who knows what violence they will resort to! This is one of the factor to consider too.

Importance of First Aid

Remember to get the hard-core stuffs in the first aid ready such as sutures. To give some idea of what your first aid box need to contain, I would put a list here: sterile needles and surgical blades, quick clot gauze, grooming and cleaning tools such as finger nail clippers, soap, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, scissors, disposable thermometers, disposable gloves, sterile eyewash, eye dressing, burn creams and dressings.

Since you have limited amount of healthy food and clean water, you would very well be exposed to all sort of diseases. The environment we live in would be quite dirty too because there would be a lack of sanitary equipment. Hence, it would be wise to prep some firs aid supplies so that we can survive through the diseases while mitigating the pain when we are infected.

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Remember, there would not be any doctors and you would be very lucky to meet one! Since we assume no doctors will be around to help unless the doctors are kind enough to form a team that provides such services for a little food or necessities, every man would be for himself.


During a post-collapse world, the way we communicate would be totally different. Since we live in a community where most necessities are scarce, it would be either we entrust our life to a person or totally protect ourselves from them. Since the satellites would be destroyed, the internet and cell-phones would be utterly useless.

It would be great if you become familiar with how to operate a HAM radio. In a post-collapse world, cell phones may no longer work because there would be no satellite signal. Hence, it would be great to invest in some long range two way radios to keep in touch with people that matters such as family and friends.

Family and friends

Either your family and friends would be gems that you would keep for your survival or they would be a burden to be with would depend greatly on your luck. It would really help if you are sensitive to how they actually act and react.

If SHTF really does occur, I would say that the people who really treasure and think that you are a really worthwhile person to be with will stick with you and face the conundrums of a post-collapse world hand in hand with you.

I would like to point out that although having a full set of first aid supply would be great, it would be even better if there is someone to look out for your back and take care of you. Basically, there would be a chance that you may fall ill and someone who is still strong taking care of you would be one of the most ideal scenario.


With this 10 possibilities of a post-collapse world, I hope that I have given you enough information to prepare what is needed for a post-collapse world. Although the worse has not come, it would be wise that we prepare for the worst but still have a positive mind-set for the future.


By John Lewis



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