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71 migrants found dead inside a refrigeration truck

Europe: the crisis of illegal refugees that Central Europe is confronting with seems to be out of control. Thursday morning, on August 27, on a highway in Central Europe close to the border between Austria and Hungary, policemen discovered the dead bodies of 71 illegal immigrants, lying under a refrigerating truck, abandoned next to the highway. 59 of them were men, while the rest were women and children, most of them from Siria. Their bodies were already in decay and the Austrian authorities declared that, from the first tests, the people most probably died by suffocation about two days ago.

Hans Peter Doskozil, the chief of Burgenland police:

„We have the information that this truck was registered in Hungary. We also know that yesterday morning this truck left from Budapest and got to the border, then entered Austria during the night. The vehicle was then parked and only found today.”



He also declared that this truck has been abandoned by a driver who is currently given in pursuit.

Because no morgue in the area had the capacity to receive such a large number of dead bodies, the authorities decided that they will be temporarily stored in a nearby refrigerated warehouse, from where they will be transported in refrigerated trucks to Vienna to perform autopsy.

Following a first investigation, it was found that the truck where the bodies were found formerly belonged to a company owned by the current Slovakian Minister of Czech Republic Finance Department. In a statement released to the press, the company said that the vehicle was sold last year, without specifying the buyer.


The Executive leader in Berlin, Angela Merkel, believes that the immigration issue should be tackled immediately and directly in order to stop such tragedies from taking place. She considers that Europe is rich enough to cope with a situation of this magnitude.



“We are all obviously extremely shaken by this terrible news that over 50 people lost their lives because they have entered a situation where dealers have not taken care of them. What happened reminds us that we must quickly resolve the immigration issue in a European spirit. I believe that, because Europe is a rich continent, it is able to cope with this issue”, said Angela Merkel.




Janos Lazar, head of Prime Minister of Hungary cabinet:

The truck’s license plates were Hungarian, so it may have crossed Hungary or atleast some dealers could be Hungarian citizens“.

Hans Peter Doskozil, head of Burgenland police office:

“We are thoroughly investigating the scene, it is a priority for us to find the authors of this crime. We are dealing with situations in which we are talking about organized crime networks, where a lot of money are at stake and a lot of money is made. Situations where some people take advantage of other people’s precarious situation.”

Now Austrian and Hungarian police are together investigating this case.

By John Sepp



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