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8 Worst Nazi Human Experiments You Never Knew About

Despite the obvious evils that Nazis inflicted on the world, behind closed doors doctors and scientists were conducting some of the most abhorrent and disturbing experiments on human subjects.

According to NOVA, there were 30 such Nazi human experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners.

The result was unimaginable pain, mutilation, disability and ultimately death.

During the Nuremberg doctor trials, 15 of 23 defendants were found guilty of unthinkable war crimes.

Here is a list of the most shocking and evil experiments that you may not have ever heard about.

1. Freezing

Nazi doctors submerged victims in vats of icy water for periods of up to five hours in an attempt to find ways to treat German pilots forced to eject into icy ocean water. The victims were either naked or dressed in aviator suits and submerged in water. Others were taken outside into the freezing cold and strapped down naked.

2. Twins

The infamous Dr. Josef Mengele experimented on twins in an effort to learn the secrets of multiple births and to find a way to quickly multiply the German race. Mengele’s experiments were performed on prisoners at Auschwitz. He experimented on 1,000 pairs of twins. Roughly 200 survived those experiments. When twins were of no more use to Mengele, he’d dispatch subjects with an injection of chloroform straight to the heart.

3. Tuberculosis

Other Nazi doctors wanted to see if some people had a natural immunity to tuberculosis in order to develop a vaccine. Dr. Kurt Heissmeyer injected the tuberculosis bacteria directly into the lungs of his victims at the Neungamme concentration camp. He was responsible for the deaths of at least 200 people.

4. Phosgene Gas

Nazis subjected 52 concentration camp prisoners to Phosgene gas in an attempt to find an antidote to the compound. Phosgene was used as agaschamber-300x185 biological weapon during WWI. The Nazis intentionally exposed victims to the gas, causing unbearable irritation in the lungs. Many prisoners, already malnourished and weak, suffered further complications after the experimental exposure, and four died.

5. Transplant Experiments

The Nazis wanted to know if a person’s joints and limbs could be removed and transplanted into someone else. These cruel experiments led to scores of concentration camp prisoners having limbs needlessly amputated. Every attempt to transplant a limb or joint was a failure. Many were killed, mutilated and exposed to excruciating pain. Sections of muscle, bone and nerves were also removed in fruitless attempts to regenerate those body parts.

6. Sea Water gypsyseawater-300x191

Infamous Nazi doctor Hans Eppinger tried to make seawater drinkable, but failed. Scientists forced about 90 Gypsies to drink only seawater, and deprived them of all food or fresh water. The victims reportedly licked a freshly mopped floor just to get a small amount of fresh water. Serious bodily injury resulted from these horrible experiments.

7. Poison

The Nazis also used poison to torture and kill inmates. At the Buchenwald concentration camp, Russian prisoners were injected with experimental poisons as scientists worked to develop new methods of execution. One was a combination of


phenol and cyanide.Other experiments included adding toxic chemicals to food or shooting prisoners with poison bullets. Those who didn’t die during the experiments were murdered so that an autopsy could determine what impact the poison actually had.

8. Artificial Insemination

The notorious Heinrich Himmler himself ordered a Nazi doctor to artificially inseminate concentration camp prisoners though various experimental methods. Dr. Carl Clauberg artificially inseminated about 300 women at Auschwitz, who were strapped down and taunted mercilessly. Clauberg told his victims that he had used animal sperm to create a monster inside of them.





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  1. Nora Marginean

    Thats not the half of it, please google; one-evil.orgvaticanholocaust we have been lied to for years. In this article you will find that the lie we were told that they were gassed and then cremated was a lie, many, many, we’re burned alive. And there many more deaths than reported. Not only that but the holocaust goes way beyond anti semantics. I would really like you to read this article and see you report this travesty.

  2. Paul

    Atrocities without numbers, done in plan view of the evil gods.

    While growing up in the 50s, remember a kind crippled elderly lady, whom i would often cut the grass for. She lived all alone in this big farm house that had a huge pond behind it. Her name was Anna, I believe she was Polish or something like that? Anna had a story to tell, so after I finished my chores. She, always treated me to some milk and cookies. One day she told me a little bit about her ordeal overseas during the war. Anna was an immigrant who had survived the death camps of Nazi Germany… After the liberation of her camp, a few of the survivors were interviewed for a military publication. Anna was especially chosen for her all to graphic injuries, some fingers and toes were indeed missing, and one could not help notice the hideous scars all over her body. These left her disfigured in a wheelchair and permanently blind in one eye.

    At the time of her interview Anna said something that truly shocked this journalist…

    At first he politely asked her a few questions, like what was it like? She replied with one word,”HELL!” How were you treated? “Like garbage.” Did you pray daily for this to end soon? Anna looked at him and with tears streaming down both her cheeks replied,” prayed?” Ah, maybe at first we had some hope that god would hear our cry’s, then after time, i knew that there was no god here in Auschwitz, or in any of those other camps…

    Anna, had been beaten so severely at times, she prayed for death to come and free her. According to Anna who was an unwilling eyewitness to these horrific events. Anna’s own words: These mad monsters used prisoners for target practice often, many were hunted down like wild animals butchered and left there nailed naked inverted on this V-shaped things made of wood?, Most attractive women were raped and beaten, some were tortured via a few of the soldiers were kind, some enjoyed burning female prisoners with lit cigarettes. Men and women alike were striped naked beaten and then whipped with these thin sharp chains while impaled on razor-sharp meat hooks. Some were crucified on these crosses made of steel, this hellish torment ending with a gasoline fire and we were all forced to watch it or be shot if we turned our heads even just a little. Even our dear children were not exempt from this wicked madness, for they did medical experiments on them too. These were done in secret behind locked doors, I will never forget those screams, they still torment me to this day…

    Anna died in 1961 from lung cancer, after years of chain-smoking this ended her existence but not her story. At the time of her death, she was living all alone and in the past. She never married and had few friends too.
    This dear woman was most hostile to people of the so-called faith. She once told me this, “the only time I will attend any church service, is when I’m in my coffin and can’t do anything about it. Yes, she was bitter to the very end. For that hellish camp left her with the most unimaginable pain, something so deep that no medicine made by man could touch it….

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