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Bizarre Signs In The Sky – Something With 6 Tails

six-tail-asteroidA strange object with six tails has been spotted in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, leaving astronomers dumbfounded and wondering what it could be.

“We were literally dumbfounded when we saw it,” said  an astronomer at the University of California. It’s “weird and freakish”, and is flaring off at least six comet-like tails, said another report.

“Even more amazing, its tail structures changed dramatically in just 13 days… That also caught us by surprise.”

“It’s hard to believe we’re looking at an asteroid,” said investigator David Jewitt of UCLA.   Just add it to the list of what has been lighting up the sky lately, as Comet ISON is currently streaking towards its turn around the sun (NOV-28) while we expect to see it during December as perhaps the brightest comet we’ve ever seen… By the way, it is ejecting 122,000 tons of ‘matter’ every minute from its tail, and the earth will be traveling through the debris field of its tail during mid January.

Oh, and that massive fireball-meteor that injured nearly 2,000 people in February earlier this year as it exploded over a Russian city at 42,000 miles per hour…  scientists now say that even larger and more dangerous meteors — are probably four, five or even seven times more likely to hit the planet than they believed before the fireball, according to three studies published recently in the journals Nature and Science, according to Seth Borenstein / AP Science Writer.

“That means about 20 million space rocks the size of the one in Chelyabinsk (Russia) may be zipping around the solar system, instead of 3 million,” NASA scientist Paul Chodas said at a news conference.

And then there’s all of the fireball sightings recently being reported on the west coast, particularly SoCal, where one resident said, “just saw an absolutely INSANE meteor in the sky above Glendale, CA … Either that or the alien invasion has begun.”

And not to be outdone, the sun has been belting off an unbelievable number of X-class flares during the past weeks, something we have not seen in a very long time.

Who knows, maybe this latest bizarre sighting of the 6-tailed asteroid is…

“…a NASA project to test some new intra-system drive technology that the government hasn’t yet revealed because they need time to backfill scientific justification to conceal the truth that it came from the crashed UFO at Roswell.”


“…the braking and steering jets of an incoming interstellar visitor. One third of the fight is spent accelerating, one-third is cruise , and one-third is slowing down and maneuvering.”

…or maybe it’s just the most bizarre asteroid that mankind has ever seen. It certainly is interesting, and yet another example of earthlings ‘suddenly’ finding something unexpected out in space. Let’s just hope it’s not heading towards us…




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