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Graphic Content: Shooter Posts First-Person Video Of Live Television Murder Via GoPro Camera

An individual identified as Vester Flanagan shot and killed TV news reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward live on air as anchors in the studio watched in horror. Police report that Flanagan later shot himself on Virginia’s I-66 after a police chase.

The incident was being broadcast live on air as it happened.

Several minutes later a Twitter user posting under the name of Bryce Williams, now identified as the shooter, uploaded a first-person perspective of the shooting reportedly captured on a GoPro camera. The Twitter account has since been removed but video of the incident has been shared across various multi-media platforms.

In the video captured by the shooter, it is clear that Flanagan understood the report was being broadcast on live television, as it appears he waited until cameraman Adam Ward panned the camera back to Alison Parker before beginning his shooting spree.


*Due to the graphic nature of these videos it is possible that they will be removed by Liveleak and/or Youtube. Direct links have been included if you are unable to play the videos on this web site*


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CBS News affiliate WDBJ shows the events as they unfolded:

Update 12:09PM: Earlier reports indicated that Vester Flanagan shot and killed himself after a high-speed police chase. Zero Hedge is now reporting that the shooter survived the suicide attempt and is in critical condition as of this writing.

By Mac Slavo


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