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Obama speaks to Iran’s Rouhani, believes resolution of nuclear issues is possible

7_siFor the first time in more than 30 years the President of the United States has spoken with Iran’s leadership. Barack Obama announced he believes the two sides can reach a deal regarding the future of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

From the White House Friday afternoon, Obama said he just got off  the phone with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and discussed   “our ongoing efforts to reach an agreement over Iran’s nuclear  program.” 

“I believe we can reach a comprehensive solution,” Obama  said, adding that he has asked US Secretary of State John Kerry  to continue pursuing a deal with Iran that would prohibit Tehran  from pursuing the development of nuclear weapons.

“I do believe that there is a basis for a resolution,”   Obama said.

“Rouhani has indicated that Iran will never develop nuclear  weapons,” Obama said, hailing that sentiment as a “major  step forward in a new relationship between the United States and  the Islamic Republican of Iran.”

Obama said his conversation with Rouhani earlier that day marked  the first communication between an American and Iranian president  since 1979 and “underscores the deep mistrust between our  countries” that he hopes to now bury.

  ‘Thank you, Khodahafez’

After a historic phone conversation with Barack Obama, President  Rouhani has left the United States tweeting his reaction to the  breakthrough in diplomatic relations between the two countries,  which itself is an unusual development.

“In regards to the nuclear issue, with political will, there  is a way to rapidly solve the matter,” Rouhani tweeted the US  President.

Rouhani stressed that the next round of negotiations with the  P5+1 should prove fruitful.

“We’re hopeful about what we will see from P5+1 and your  government in particular in coming weeks and months,” the  tweet read adding that  “I express my gratitude for your  hospitality and your phone call,” Iranian’s leader said at  the end of the conversation “Have a good day Mr  President.”

The US President, according to Rouhani’s Tweets, expressed his  respect for the Iranian people.

“I express my respect for you and people of Iran. I’m  convinced that relations between Iran and US will greatly affect  region. If we can make progress on nuclear file, other issues  such as Syria will certainly be positively affected,” Obama  reportedly told Rouhani during the phone call.

At the end of the call Obama wished Rouhani farewell saying,   “Thank you, Khodahafez,” a common parting phrase in the  Persian language, while Rouhani wished Obama does not get caught  in horrendous traffic jam in New York City.

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