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Russia And World War 3

By David Meade

Must-see video follows. While the mainstream media ignores the real stories and majors on minors about Russia and World War 3, this has been taking place over the last two weeks.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs just testified before Congress that he is willing and able to “destroy Russia.” All diplomatic channels have stopped operating regarding this situation. Russia has backed out of a non-proliferation treaty as well. Russia just deployed 40 million of its citizens in a nuclear drill (all of Moscow and 30 million more) – to four days in shelters in the Urals in preparation for all-out war.

This is the Cuban Missile Crisis times 1,000. At this rate, we will be at DEFCON 1 by the time of the election.

Hillary Clinton and cohorts have proposed a no-fly zone over Syria, enforced by America. Russia says it will not tolerate this and will strike down any aircraft over the country. Russia has the most advanced missile system in existence (S300 and S400 generation anti-missile system) in place.

Russia controls Syria. Russia has stated that any aircraft, with or without transponders, will be destroyed. The S400 can knock down anything within the country in 100 seconds at 17,000 mph. America has apparently also threatened to target the Syrian army and Russia has stated any attack on that army is an attack on Russia, since Russia is in place protecting the major cities and ports, and is on the side of the Syrian National Army.

I personally have never seen anything like this. You must take the time to listen to at least the first 30 minutes of this video; it’s an eye-opener.


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