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Spotted On NASA’s Live Feed: “A Craft With Doorway And A Being Inside!”

By Mac Slavo

An odd structure was spotted on NASA’s Live International Space Station feed.  A video shows what appears to be a doorway with what could be some kind of alien being inside.

The video was uploaded by popular alien conspiracy YouTube channel ‘MrMBB333’ has uploaded an unbelievable video shows a strange flying object floating above the earth.

It should be noted that the UFO was spotted in NASA’s ISS live feed, and viewers of the conspiracy theory channel have started arguing that it could be an alien ship from the deep space.

Video footage shows the bizarre anomaly that was spotted during NASA’s live feed from space.  It shows a strange grey object appearing to float above Earth, according to The Daily Star.  The article appears to be shaped like an aircraft and moving south, though some believe it could be stationary on top of a mountain.

“The craft has 90 degree sharp angles and looks to be intelligently designed,” they said.

“I think it is some sort of craft, but cannot work out whether it is on the ground, or flying.  If it’s on the ground it’s huge.” According to the person who captured it, who wishes to remain anonymous, the clip shows: “A craft with a doorway and a being inside.”

They said: “At first I thought it was a cloud, but now I’m convinced its much more.” But some commenters appear to have solved the mystery. Could it be Luobubozhen facility in China?  A quick trip on Google Earth makes it appear that that’s what it is.

However, there’s an ongoing and quite lively debate in the comment section of the YouTube video.  The woman who originally sent the video to MrMBB333 also comments saying she believes that is Luobubozhen facility while others still say the Chinese Luobubozhen facility looks entirely different than the image she sent in.



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  1. Halfred D. Branco

    I will not tell you how I know…not here. But I can tell you much about this photograph. Yes It is on the ground in a remote mountainous terrain. What you are not paying any attention to are the number of Humanoid figures that can be seen at ground level BELOW this object and the structural elements that also exist there.There is much more to see. It would be best to take a screenshot of this and then “enhance” the photo. There are other beings surrounding this photo that appear to be hidden by an energy field similar to a hologram.The object you see is a portal or doorway to an inner earth cave system. When this being opened the doorway the bright light from within penetrated the hologram and made the image and being clearly visible. Also pay attention to the sperical object with the black dot that appears to be floating just outside the doorway. It may be that the being opened the doorway to allow this orb to be released. The orb is a form of egg from which a large serpent like creature will be hatched. These are interdimensional inner earth beings…you might as well call them demonic beings. They are not human fact they use humans in the same way we use cattle…for MEAT and energy. That egg orb is full of human meat that the serpent creature feasts upon until he hatches out of that black dot portal in the sphere.I do not know how long they have been inhabiting the inner or middle earth…but THEY ARE HERE NOW and in extremely large numbers. They come to the surface primarily to collect and butcher humans for meat that is taken below…to the inner earth to feed their other societal members.They have superior technology. They have machines and “UFO craft of varying sizes and are responsible for most if not ALL of the UFO craft that we see in our skies. Sounds like I have a great imagination? Sounds like a script for a science fiction novel? Not at all…reality is stranger than fiction. I first discovered them approx 8 months ago. I have been investigating them. I have approx 600 photos to back up everything I have said here, and much more.I am currently awaiting a reply from the White House and/or Military Intelligence. If not received in another 29 days I will take what I have “viral” continously. My data and images are immense. I have graphic proof of them murdering and butchering approx 100,000 human captives in a single day. THE WORLD MUST KNOW!! We are being INVADED. They areSatanic in every sense of the word. They are PURE EVIL. The figures you will see in this photo range from 25 ft ton 50 ft tall.Not all that are with them are “humanoid” some…many..could only be deemed beastly or monstrous. Contact me if you wish to know more. I could use some BIG help making this threat known to the world.In the final analysis….the future of all of humanity is at stake. Please try to keep me anonymous. I believe there IS an evil World organization that is part of this and hiding all of this.What I know and What I have could put me in great danger at this moment….UNTIL EVERYONE KNOWS THE TRUTH. I stand alone with this knowledge and undeniable proof.THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS SITUATION.

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