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The Sad Truth About The Modern World In 15 Powerful Illustrations



Steve Cutts is a London based illustrator who has worked with big names like Coca-Cola, Virgin and Nokia. He cut his ties recently and went freelance, producing more personal and opinionated illustrations that really sum the world up.

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US, UK officials worry Snowden still has ‘doomsday’ collection of classified material

US and British intelligence officials say they are concerned about a “doomsday” collection of highly classified, heavily encrypted materials they believe former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden may have stored away.

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Omen for Americans: Malnutrition Doubles in the UK as the Economy Collapses

hungry-kids-300x215A report in the UK Daily Mail says that hospitalization cases for treatment of malnutrition have doubled over the past 5 years. The increase is linked to Britain’s crippling economic downturn.

Easington MP Grahame Morris, who sits on the House of Commons health select committee, told the Chronicle that the figures should be an alarm bell.

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GCHQ spoofed LinkedIn site to target global mobile traffic exchange and OPEC – report

gchq-spying-linkedin-belgium_siThe UK’s electronic spying agency has been using a spoof version of LinkedIn professional social network’s website to target global roaming data exchange companies as well as senior management in the OPEC oil cartel, according to a Der Spiegel report.

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Tor anonymizer network among NSA’s targets, Snowden leaks reveal

nsa-target-tor-network_siTop-secret national security documents disclosed to the Guardian by Edward Snowden show United States and British intelligence have long attempted to crack the Tor anonymizer network used by human rights workers, journalists, cybercriminals and others.

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