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The Creepiest Places on Planet Earth

#1 Kabayan 

Kabayan is a collection of man made caves in The Philippines. Each cave is filled with mummies. Kabayan mummies are some of the best preserved on earth, and Kabayan is overflowing with them. And there are so many caves that it’s easy to get lost…among thousands of mummies…that look spry enough to leap right out of their pods.

#2 The Island of the Dolls

Once upon a time, the legends say, a little girl drowned in a canal surrounding an uninhabited island in Mexico. Days after they found the body, dolls began to float to the island. No one is 100% sure where the dolls came from. But today, they hang from trees. Now the area is nicknamed Island of the Dolls.Isla de la Munecas

#3 The Door to Hell

That’s right kids. Hell is a very real place. The doorway leading to it can be found in Turkmenistan. This literal hell hole was created by Soviet scientists. When they discovered natural gas in the pit, they started a fire to burn it off. That fire has been burning for the past 40 years. Not scary enough? Spiders are attracted to the spot and gather around the door to hell by the thousands.939bf0830313bc203872512eac3d47db

#4 Hellingly Hospital

Hellingly Hospital in East Sussex, England is a real life insane asylum straight out of a horror movie. It opened in 1903 and lobotomized and electrocuted it’s patients for 90 years until it was finally shut down. The building has been abandoned since 1994. Every year, a few photographers are brave enough to visit Hellingly Hospital. The pictures are right out a nightmare.417beef6afe7c3ee51dae16a77480b82

#5 Akodessewa 

The Akodessewa Fetish Market may be the best place in the world to fall prey to a voodoo curse. This fetish market has all of the shrunken heads and mummified remains that the indigenous people of Togo need to practice their craft. But it’s not all mummies and parts. There are bones, cauldrons and mysterious potions as well. Tourists have been officially advised to avoid Akodessewa when at all possible.4cbb8f87f5048bb736f4bb66a010b189

#6 The Matsuo Ghost Mine

The Matsuo Ghost Mine haunts northern Japan. It was once the largest sulfur mine in East Asia. But it was abandoned in the 1970s. Since then, it’s been a ghost town that’s shrouded in thick mist. It’s so heavy that sometimes the city of Matsuo is nearly impossible to find.c3e73fca9ab2e60aeaa49d29ac49835d.jpg

#7 Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia is a real life Silent Hill. It was once a prosperous mining town — until miners accidentally set the mines beneath it on fire. The coal veins underneath Centralia have been on fire since 1962. Today, Centralia is abandoned except for the smoke that pours out of the cracks in the ground. But thrill seekers still visit the ghost town — just probably not at night.e814c89238be8016ca308e7f056b4853

#8 Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery

Regular cemeteries are terrifying. But Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery is 11 cemeteries stacked on top of one another. That’s 11 times the corpses laying under your feet. It’s also 11 times the creep-out factor.03c4e16081cc3d13d845a2054984514d

#9 The Catacombs

Paris doesn’t immediately spring to mind when thinking about the creepiest places on earth. But underneath the croissants and cobblestone streets are miles of underground tunnels. And those tunnels are filled with the bones of dead Frenchmen. When Paris’ cemeteries began to fill up, the French simply began to shove corpses away underground. At last count, there were around 6 million bodies stored in the deep, dank passageways of Paris.56b81dd8ca78dcbf91bb99cd14b48acc

#10 Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara is Japan’s suicide forest. Walk through it and you run serious risk of stumbling into a dead body. So many people have “visited” Aokigahara Forest that park rangers have put up signs that say “life is precious” and “think of your family.” Park rangers still have to make regular trips into the forest to collect what bodies they can find. Sometimes, inquisitive tourists stumble upon the sites.3471ade26752f815c75cf5dcf47af156






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