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Top 5 Reasons Why The Police Will Pull You Over While Driving

top-5-reasons-the-police-will-pull-you-overAvoid these top-5 things and you will greatly lessen your chances of getting pulled over by the police. We already live in a police state, so don’t give the system any more reason to go after you and pull you over…

This list shows you the things to watch out for if you want to avoid unwanted contact with the boys (and girls) in blue.



Yes, there’s a “buffer,” perhaps 5-7 mph, but the decision to cut a speeder some slack is up to the officer’s discretion. Not only are you vulnerable on the freeway, but pay attention to speed limit changes while on secondary roads, which sometimes change unexpectedly and often.


Texting. Talking on a mobile phone. Stop sign violation. Stoplight violation. Illegal U-turns. Failures to yield.



Heavily tinted windows. Burned-out headlights. Broken windshields. Expired tags. The lack of a front license plate (in some states). Loud exhaust modifications.


Driving too close.


An improper lane change means cutting someone off or changing lanes without looking first. Failure to signal can also be added to this ticket, but it usually doesn’t initiate the traffic stop — partly because the failure to signal is so common.

This list of reasons for getting pulled over is a result of a study by with three police agencies.



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Comments (2)

  1. Pat Hall

    Hardly anyone in Al. signals lane changes or turns anyway including cops.

  2. john

    More like….

    Cheap car (i.e. under $5000)
    Young Driver
    Coloured Driver
    Group of males 4+
    Hot female

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